Control Stations, Enclosures Devices, Plastic / Metalic Control Station, Mumbai, India

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Control Station and Enclosures devicesØ 22.5

These are metallic series Control Stations available in variety of sizes ranging from one way to four way. They are in two forms:
€ Complete
€ For customer assembly
These control stations use metal bezel pushbuttons & pilot lights, which offer a wide choice of circular & square type of actuators.
The following can be assembled in these control stations:
1. Non-illuminated pushbuttons from series 2PS with cover mounting & base mounting elements
2. Pilot light of series 2PL€
3. Pushbuttons of clip-on series 4PS€ with cover mounting elements,
4. Clip on series 4PL pilot light along with clip type lamp (LED)
5. Mono-block Pushbuttons from 3PS€ series
6. Pilot lights from 3PL€ series
Control Station